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The chocolate we consume should not decrease the farmer's quality of life.
Therefore we created "Olmekakao", which guarantees high quality, sustainable, and socially responsible chocolates and cocoa products - that you don't have to worry again about your worldwide impact of your consumption or production.

With Olmekakao you can stop worrying about your raw materials and start concentrating on the things you do best: fine artisan chocolate production!

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  • Bean to Bar - Chocolate Bars

  • Bean to Bar - Hot Chocolate

  • 100% traceable Bean to Bar production

  • All ingredients fairly sourced

Cocoa Products

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  • Cocoa derivates for your own chocolate production

  • Suitable for confiseries, bakeries - pralines and cake production

  • white label products 

Cocoa Beans

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  • your very own Bean to Bar production

  • specialty and premium cocoa beans

  • unroasted in bulk 50kg/bag

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  • 100% traceable (Bean to bar, or bean to cup projects)

  • All ingredients fairly sourced

Education / Quality


  • Developing processes with farmers

  • Partnering with experts and spreading the knowledge

  • No child labor, no slavery in any of our products

  • Crop diversification to ensure better income for the farmers

Are you sure your cacao is slavery free?

At Olmekakao we guarantee slavery free cacao, which is also 100% traceable

Buying cacao anywhere can mean bad practices and even child labor

Is your cacao fairly paid?

Your cacao should not decrease farmer’s quality of life, rather support them to produce better cacao with sustainable practices and diversification of their crops

Are you sure it is specialty and not conventional cacao?

At our Headquarter in Colombia, we have high quality standards overseeing growing methods, processing and tasting sessions to provide high quality cacao all year long

You deserve to buy cacao which has a story behind it.

Do you want to make your cacao supply more sustainable?

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Companies in Europe trust our way of working


Buying slavery free cacao with a story behind is really easy


Enter in the virtual store


Choose the ingredients you like the most


Enjoy traceable, fair cacao products, including bean to bar

1. Assure traceability information is available for anyone

2. Guarantee quality in every cacao product

Agreement Plan

3. Promise the wellbeing of our farmers (what to see for your self, book the origin trip)

4. Innovate to always have the best and more sustainable products for you


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Col-Spirit offers a vast variety of green specialty coffees for commercial and home roasters

Origin Trip


We organize origin trips in Colombia during the harvest season to experience real coffee and cacao production

Fruit Horizon


Fruit Horizon is our other partner who offers dry fruits for infusions and snacks, a healthy option

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